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My name is Greg Epp, and I'm dedicated to building a strong manufacturing sector in Canada and North America. I believe that a nation with a diverse economy can overcome any challenge. Time and time again we see countries like Germany, Japan, the United States, and Switzerland leading nations in times of strife. The ability of a nation to both develop intellectual property and manufacture high-quality parts for export provides a nation with the fiscal strength to weather any storm. 

Nations like Great Britain have seen a fall from grace as the manufacturing sectors dissipated post-WWII. With no natural resources, economic prosperity could be in jeopardy. My native land of Canada is resource rich, and it's my fear that we as a country are resting on our laurels. To bolster our economy, create jobs, and build a strong future for our nation, I believe manufacturing is the answer.

I have created this website as a free resource for you to help you on your quest to be a better manufacturer. With the rapid rise of AI, computer numerical control, 3D printing, and the internet of things, manufacturing locally has never been more attractive. Reducing lead times and improving quality are the staples of any great business.                       

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